Postdoctoral Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Current position Research area
Dr. Long Bai Professor, Northeast Forestry University

Biomass multiphase system

Dr. Siqi Huan Professor, Northeast Forestry University 3D printing
Dr. Sanna Hokkanen   Lipid chemistry
Dr. Marco Beaumont Queensland University of Technology, Australia Heterogeneous surface modification
Dr. Robertus Nugroho Unknown Biocolloidal powders
Dr. Rafael Grande Aalto Uni., Finland Inter-polyelectrolyte complexes
Dr. Kati Miettunen Professor, Turku University, Finland Solar cells
Dr. Annamari Jukkola CEO, Mö Foods Oy, Finland Polysaccharides in food
Dr. Guillermo Reyes Torres Faculty, University Bio-Bio, Chile Ionic liquids and bio-welding
Dr. Outi Toikkanen Valio, Finland Food structuring
Dr. Mariko Ago Faculty, Meisei Uni., Japan Lignin and nanocellulose
Dr. Hannes Orelma VTT, Finland Bioactive surfaces
Dr. Gisela Cunha Stora Enso, Sweden Surface Modification
Dr. Julio Arboleda Colorquimica, Colombia Aerogels
Dr. Yanxia Zhang Faculty, Soochow Uni., China Surface functionalization and biomolecule detection
Dr. Tiina Nypelö Faculty, Chalmers Uni., Sweden Magnetic nanocellulose
Dr. Carlos Salas Georgia Pacific, USA Nanocellulose
Dr. Ana Ferrer Nalco Champion, USA Nanocellulose
Dr. Carlos Carrillo Mohawk Industries, USA Emulsions and rheology
Dr. Ester Rojo Saica Group, Spain Composites and functional materials
Dr. Arcot Raghupathi Lokanathan Aalto Uni., Finland Cellulose nanotechnology
Dr. Ilari Filpponen Faculty, Auburn Uni., USA Functionalization of cellulose & click chemistries
Dr. Ingrid Hoeger Kimberly-Clark, USA Thin films of cellulose nanocrystals
Dr. Abdelrahman Abdelgawad AMIBM, Netherlands Metal nanoparticles in cellulosic systems
Dr. Raquel Martin INIA, Spain Nanocellulose and biocatalysis
Dr. Youssef Habibi Lead Scientist, LIST, Luxembourg Nanocellulose functionalization and composites
Dr. Niangui Wang Faculty, Hubei Uni., China Electroactive cellulose
Dr. Xavier Turon Faculty, University Ramon Llull, Spain Enzyme activity and piezoelectric sensing
Dr. Gerardo Montero Compliance Technology Group, Inc., USA Electrospinning & lignin thermal properties
Dr. Jooyoun Kim Faculty, Kansas State Uni., USA Cellulose nanocrystal composites