Films, filaments and hybrid materials

Films, filaments and hybrid materials

We employ the versatility of lignonanocellulose and cellulose derivatives in novel film, paper and filament structures in combination with other nano- and functional materials.

Bionanomaterials are often thought to be difficult to process and limited in functionality. To enable feasible processing, we work on paper, film and filament structures which can conveniently fit into existing industrial processes. Furthermore, we see papers, films and filaments as useful model structures for demonstrating novel functionalization.

Even though biomaterials can natively have a limited functionality, they typically have a promising chemical versatility. We employ this versatility for new purposes, such as water-resistant, thermoformable, electrically conductive, luminescent or antibacterial cellulose. With this work, we target applications that will be important for tomorrow’s society, such as composite materials, packaging, energy harvesting and rapid diagnostics.

Schematic illustrations of the used spinning systems (left panel) and as-spun filaments from nanocellulose (right panel) (Ref.4)

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