Multiphase systems

Multiphase systems

We study the fundamental and utilization aspects of multiphase systems, such as dispersions, emulsions, foams, membranes and gels.

Multiphase systems have a large variety of functionalities in the application of textile products, light-weight materials, water treatment, encapsulations, etc. Current environmental concerns have prompted an increasing demand for bio-material-based multiphase systems, such as foams, emulsions, aerogels. Our research interests involve revolving the colloidal-related mechanisms in fiber-based foams for papermaking. Also, we explore the roles and capabilities of ligno-cellulosic materials (e.g. ligno-cellulosic fibers, ligno-nanocellulose, etc.) in a multiphase system.

Schematic showing of the fabrication of all-in-one, two-phase emulsion gels from nanocellulose and nanochitin (Ref.3)

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