Principal Investigator

Prof. Orlando J. Rojas

Director of the Biobased Colloids and Materials (BiCMat)

Director of the Bioproducts Institute

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Our research group

BiCMat is a diverse group of talented individuals, each with their own particular strengths and areas of study. We have created six specialized sub-groups for our UBC researchers in order to take advantage of these strengths and apply them to our work.

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Support team

Dr. Ran Bi

Lab Manager

PhD Microbiology, KTH (2016)

Polysaccharide and lignin fractionation and modification.


Ayako Takagi

Industrial Designer, Emily Carr Art and Design University, Vancouver

Sustainable design, papermaking, 3D modeling/rendering


Hélène Day Fraser

Associate Professor, Emily Carr Art and Design University, Vancouver

textile adaptation, clothing, material practice, co-creative,  Transition Design, Discursive Design, Critical Use 

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Polyaromatics, Extractives and Bioactives sub-group

Dr. Oliver Musl

Group leader

PhD Advanced Biorefineries: Chemistry & Materials, BOKU University, Vienna, Austria (2022)

Lignin analysis, fractionation & materials


Marina Mehling

PhD student, University of British Columbia ​

Synthetic biology, plant biology and bioprocessing.

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Xun Niu

PhD student, University of British Columbia,

Nanjing Forestry University, Aalto University

Bacteria cellulose, bark extractives, functional supraparticles

Research Gate

Gio Ferson Bautista

PhD student (Chemistry), University of British Columbia

Bark extractives


Daniel Barker-Rothschild

PhD student, University of British Columbia, MSc. Chem. Eng. University of Alberta (2022)

Lignin chemistry, engineering,  valorization


Dr. Bruno Mattos

Ph.D. Materials Science, Universidade Federal do Paraná

Supracolloids and controlled release


Bin Zhao

Lignin carbon materials


Micro/Nanomaterials & Multiphases sub-group

Dr. Yi Lu

Group leader

PhD Chem Eng, University of Alberta (2020).

Colloids and Interfaces, Multiphase systems, Self-assembly, Living matters, Machine learning

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Xiaoya (Coco) Su

Master student, University of British Columbia

Nanochitin, Pickering emulsions, Kinetics modeling

Yeedo Chun

PhD student, University of British Columbia

Cellulosic foams, microfluidics, multiphase systems

LinkedIn, ResearchGate

Peipei Wang

PhD student, Nanjing Forestry University

Enzyme hydrolysis

Ying Liu

PhD candidate, Nanjing Forestry University

Nanochitin, Nanocellulose, Pickering emulsion and Pickering foam

Research Gate

Ya Zhu

Biobased multiphase systems and applications


Annika Ketola (VTT)

Solid-stabilized foams


Roozbeh Abidnejad


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Fibers and Fibrillated (ligno)cellulose sub-group

Dr. Tianyu Guo

Group leader

PhD Nanjing Forestry University (2020)

Bioinspired nanomaterials, Wearable electronics, Interfacial chemistry

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Dr. Yizhou Sang

PhD Chemical Eng., University of British Columbia (2012)

Polymer chemistry, wet-end paper chemistry, bioproduct development.


Samuel Hahn

Master student, University of British Columbia


Samantha Pritchard

Master student, University of British Columbia

Cellulose nanocrystals

Juan Pablo Calvo

Master student, University of British Columbia

Bio Packaging


Alvaro Gonzalez Vogel (Celulosa Arauco)



Roberta Teixeirapolez

3D Printing

Co-advised with Prof. Monika Österberg at Aalto University

Karoliina Helanto (Mestä)

Barrier solutions with biocolloids


Interfaces, Adsorption and Computational sub-group

Dr. Sameer Mhatre

Group leader

PhD Chem Eng, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (2014)

Soft matter physics, Electrohydrodynamics, multiphases, thin films.


Zhangmin Wan

PhD student, University of British Columbia

Atomic simulations, Crystallography, Thermodynamics, Nanomechanical research.


Praven Kamalanathan

Research Assistant, University of British Columbia

Foam Forming Technology, Bio-based Product Development


Farhad Ahmadijokani

PhD student, University of British Columbia (UBC-O)

MOF, water remediation

Zhaodong Ding

PhD student, Nanjing Forestry University

Cellulose-based friction material

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Haider Iftikhar


Konrad Klockars

Structural color with cellulose nanocrystals


Multiscale Materials​ sub-group

Dr. Jingqian Chen

Group leader

PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia (2020)

Reaction kinetics, Lignin particles, Fiber fragmentation

Google Scholar, LinkedIn

Dr. Yeling Zhu

PhD, Chem Eng, University of Alberta (2019)

Biobased materials, cellulose foam

Research Gate, LinkedIn

Xuetong Shi

PhD student, University of British Columbia

Functionalized wood, phase change composite materials.

Marianelly Esquivel

PhD student, Universidad Nacional Costa Rica


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Prottasha Sarker

Rheology of bio-based hydrogels

Co-advised with Prof. Saad Khan, NC State University

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Dr. Johanna Majoinen

Ph.D. Applied Physics, Aalto University

Self-assembly and cellulose functionalization