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Our focus is on finding competitive alternatives to fossil materials through research into bio-based alternatives at different size scales, mainly those displaying large interfacial areas such as fibers (micro/nano fibers), fiber networks, particles and colloidal systems. The BiCMat group currently spans activities in Canada and Finland. In University of British Columbia, we are associated with the departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chemistry and Wood Science. In Aalto University, we are affiliated with the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems. Our research group consists of scholars at various stages of their careers, from MSc. students to Post-doc researchers. In addition, we continually host visiting scholars from other academic/research institutions around the world.

Latest Paper

Plant Nanomaterials and Inspiration from Nature: Water Interactions and Hierarchically Structured Hydrogels, Advanced Materials, 2020

In the News

Prof. Rojas shows off a paper-based biodegradable mask prototype. (Image credit: Dillon Hodgin/CBC)

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Keynote Lecture on Recent Advances in the Utilization of Biomass-derived Nanomaterials and Enabling Nanotechnology for the Future Bioeconomy at 17:00 pm (PDT), November 20, 2020. Link: Tecent VooV Meeting ID: 703 043 670.