Graduate Student Alumni

Graduate Students

Name Current position Dissertation Title and Year
Dr. Janika Lehonen Instructor, Aalto Uni., Finland Functional Materials from Nanocellulosic Networks and Uses in Water Purification, 2021
Dr. Ling Wang PDF, Teraloop Oy, Finland Functional fibres by Wet-spinning of Bio-based Colloids, 2020
Dr. Emily Facchine Syngenta, USA Dynamic Microstructures and Interactions of Biobased Nanomaterial Suspensions, 2020
Dr. Tero Kämäräinen PDF, JSAP, Japan Morphometric study of bio-based particles and their interactions, 2020
Dr. Wenchao Xiang PDF, Stockholm Uni., Sweden Interfacial stabilization of multiphase systems with (ligno)cellulosic (nano)materials and surfactants, 2019
Dr. Annamari Jukkola CEO, Mö Foods Oy, Finland Fractionation of milk fat globule membranes in butter processing, 2019
Dr. Wenyi Xie NCSU, USA Thermal atomic layer etching and vapor phase infiltration for carbon materials syntheses, 2019
Dr. Sanna Virtanen Unknown From wood to industrial polymeric biomaterials, 2018
Dr. Meri Lundahl PDF, Teraloop Oy, Finland Wet-spinning of cellulose nanofibrils hydrogels, 2018
Dr. Anurodh Tripathi Parker Lord Co., USA Porous and light-weight cellulose diacetate structures for environmental remediation, 2018
Dr. Joe Lavoie NCSU, USA Approaches for surface energy control of fibers for alcohol repellency and electret charge protection, 2018
Dr. Prajesh Adhikari Intel, USA Developing new multicomponent systems: From coatings, gels to nanofiller composites, 2018
Dr. Ahsan Uddin Tampere Univ., Finland Nanocellulose for control synthesis of nanoparticles and antimicrobial applications, 2018
Dr. Miika Nikinmaa Suominen Co., Finland Wet-lay of synthetic fibers with complex fluids, 2017
Dr. Alexey Khalalo VTT Advanced structures and compositions for 3D forming of cellulosic fibers, 2017
Dr. Majia Vuoriluoto VTT Engineering nanocellulose biointerfaces toward bioactivity and strength, 2017
Dr. Jiaqi Guo Professor, NJFU, China Covalent modification of nanocellulose towards advanced functional materials, 2017
Dr. Fatima V. Gonzalez AINIA, Spain Biorrefinería de residuos de la industria agroalimentaria: Valorización de paja de cereals, 2017
Dr. Parham Tayeb Univ. of Maine, USA Controlling hydrophobic interaction in papermaking colloidal system by soy protein and lipoxygenase, 2016
Dr. Consuelo Fritz Leitat, Chile Lignocellulosic materials and their interactions with proteins and surface active molecules, 2016
Dr. Xiaomin Lu NCSU, USA Nanocellulose as additive and reinforcing agent in melt spinning of polyethylene and polypropylene, 2016
Dr. Shuai Li Fiberstar, USA Valorization of lignins for use in multi-phase systems, 2015
Dr. Markus Korhonen Kemira, Finland Flocculation of cellulosic materials, polyelectrolyte complexes and mineral particles, 2015
Dr. Carlos Carrillo Invista, USA Application of complex fluids in lignocellulose processing, 2014
Dr. Julio Arboleda Colorquimica, Colombia Chemical and physical characteristics of soy proteins for new industrial applications, 2014
Dr. Carlos Salas Georgia Pacific, USA Soy-based polymers for surface modification and interactions with lignocellulosic materials, 2014
Dr. Laura Taajamaa Academy of Finland Ultrathin films and nonwoven fibre mats from polysaccharide containing bicomponent polymer blends, 2014
Dr. A. Abdelgawad AMIBM, Netherlands Antimicrobial wound mats from multicomponent (chitosan/silver-NPs/polyvinyl alcohol) systems, 2013
Dr. Nafisa Islam BUET, Bangladesh Surface plasmon resonance studies of specific interaction of hexamer peptide ligand with human IgG, 2013
Dr. Junyeong Park NCSU, USA Structural and chemical characterization of thermally-treated woody biomass, 2013
Dr. Kiran Goli Intel, USA Functional coatings based on denaturation and adsorption of proteins, 2012
Dr. Xiaomeng Liu Syngenta, Switzerland Partitioning of amphiphilic and charged molecules on polymeric surfaces by physisorption, 2011
Dr. Ingrid Hoeger Kimberly Clark Co, USA Ultrathin films of cellulose and lignin for studies on interfacial phenomena, 2011
Dr. Justin Zoppe Omya, Switzerland Surface modification of nanocellulose substrates, 2011
Dr. Maria S. Peresin Faculty, Auburn University, USA Novel lignocellulosic composites, 2011
Dr. Mir Quddus Whirlpool Co., USA A study of fatty acids interacting with crystalline cellulose surfaces via molecular simulations, 2011
Dr. Kelley Spence EPA, USA Processing and properties of microfibrillated cellulose, 2010
Dr. Gang Hu AIA Shanghai, CHina Adsorption and activity of cellulase enzymes on various cellulose substrates, 2009
Dr. Hongyi Liu Dun & Bradstreet Fiber lubrication: A molecular dynamics simulation study, 2009
Dr. Junlong Song Professor, NJFU, China Adsorption of amphoteric and nonionic polymers on organic thin films, 2008