Photos of group activities

We believe that it is important to understand each other outside of the lab for better collaboration. This page keeps the memory of the activities.

BiCMat group over the years

Cove Grove and Sea-to-sky, July-August 2022

SMART (Sustainable Material Research Summit) conference Aug 2022

BBQ in UBC campus, July 2022

TappiNano Conference and Aalto-UBC reunion, Helsinki, June 2022

IMPC (International Mechanical Pulping Conference) held in UBC, June 2022

Potluck and volleyball, UBC, May 2022

Group Dining , 2022

BPI Open house, November 2021

Minister visit, August 2021

Soap making group activity, December 2021

Visit to VanDusen Botanical Garden, July 2021

PhD theses and “karonkka”

Aalto and UBC groups (Helsinki-Vancouver), around campus, Emily Carr University and others